Hat: Romwe/Jacket: Old(I think from a charity chop)/Jumper: Vintage/
Loafers: Ebay/Scarf: Vintage

As soon as I put this outfit on it felt right. I enjoy it when that happens. Bit of a Mary Poppins feat of engineering fitting the jumper under the jacket though.
Watched a documentary last night called High Art of the Low Countries (that is still on BBC iPlayer so if you’re in the UK get on and watch it quick) and it reminded me how much I love Flemish medieval art. Sadly it quickly moved on past tapestries and illuminated manuscripts, but I think the lingering mental images of woven artworks somewhat pushed me into donning an oversized jumper today. Or maybe it was just because huge jumpers are comfortable. But moving on from jumpers and back to HAotLC, watch it and watch it now. Plenty on Jan Van Eyck on it which is always lovely and some inevitable close ups on giant strawberry/flower-in-bum details from Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.


I hopped onto the speckled nail trend recently, though not with Illamasqua’s £15 offering though, instead with Accessorize’s Leopard Moth which comes in around £12 cheaper. Not quite an egg effect, but not really mothy either. Reminds me more of the inside of a dragon fruit. I like it.

Anyway, as evidenced above, I’ve gotten myself back onto Instagram but my offerings so far are mostly nails, A Knight’s Tale and gratuitous photos of my loafers so follow me if you want, I’m Ashleighef on there.

Called the outfit “Sally Cinnamon” on lookbook, which many of you probably correctly recognise as a Stone Roses song. Growing up with a Mancunian mum meant I often heard The Stone Roses around the house day-to-day and became so ingrained into my idea of background music that sometimes I completely forget I like them.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5bDI_kkBzU The Stone Roses – Sally Cinnamon


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