shirtscarfScarf: Vintage/Shirt: American Apparel/Skirt: H&M/Boots: Vintage/ebay/Bag: Primark

Sometimes I cringe when I look up old lookbook photos and see myself wearing a flower crown and a high-low dress, or when I think of the fact my most hyped look included a black triangle necklace and a galaxy print skirt. I’m beginning to find myself growing more averse to (or perhaps more aware of) transient trends that will cause nothing but wrinkled noses in a year. The issue I have is that where I’m in the privileged position of having access to free clothing quite regularly I can sometimes find myself seduced by items that wouldn’t be useful in the long run, but have a flashy newness to them (I’m talking high-low skirts/tulle maxi skirts and anything that had a galaxy on it) and then I instantly regret picking them. I find it easier to be objective when it’s items I’m purchasing myself. The eye gets carried away when there’s no monetary repercussion.
Sometimes I wish every outfit could be like this. Simple, not too flashy and not riddled with pieces acquired on a whim. It’s not so much an issue of trying to refine my tastes, but instead reign in my tastes and not allow myself seduction from items that are too “now” with little long term application.


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