111 222Jumper: Sheinside/Shirt: Sheinside/Skirt: Topshop/Loafers: Office/ebay

I hate hashtags.
Every time I go onto lookbook and see the abuse of hashtags now that they’ve brought in this pointless hashtag system I cry internally. I can just about tolerate them when used correctly on twitter but the more I see them filtering into every last facet of internet life the more I find myself growing to absolutely despise them.
Just wanted to get that out there.
Now that spring seems to have possibly maybe finally hit (it was sunny today at least) I suddenly can’t be bothered with spring appropriate clothing. This was the best I could muster. I’ve been slipping into a uniform of oversized tops/jumpers plus skinny jeaned chicken legs recently when I’m not working which isn’t the most spring celebratory combination but it does give the opportunity to sport some fancy footwear which I’ve been dutifully documenting on instagram whenever bored.

shoes2 shoes

Called the outfit if we’re gonna hang out won’t you show me how yr life works on lookbook, which comes from a new Johnny Foreigner song called Free Starts.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_E4bf_HhsgI’ve been listening to it so much recently, I’m in love with it. Expect a few more looks to come with lyrics from it.


2 thoughts on “15/4/13

  1. Lovely outfit. Can I ask if that’s a regular or petite skirt? I ask because I think I’m close to your height and I’ve been considering one of Topshop’s skirts for a while.

    • Hi!
      It’s a regular skirt so it’s a little longer on me than I think is intended (pretty sure it’s intended as a mini when sat at a low waist) but I think the length works well as a closer to knee length skirt 🙂

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