floraljeans floraljeans2Jacket: Old/secondhand/Tshirt: Olive Clothing/Floral Jeans: Ecugo/Loafers: Office/ebay

I’m having a jeans renaissance at the moment. The look of a bare ankle and flat shoe is all too appealing for me at the moment to ignore after months of covering every inch for fear of unseasonable snow or gale force winds.

I was looking over lookbook at outfits of mine from this time one year and two years ago:

1214178_newl2 1178500_mmc2
It’s a little depressing how much warmer it must have been to make those outfits viable. I was reminiscing over a Tennis gig I went to last May, and although it was almost a year ago it was a swelteringly hot day. I’m going to a Johnny Foreigner gig at the end of April and I’d be very surprised if I could say the same about it.

Oh well, here’s hoping for a hot summer to make up for it.


3 thoughts on “19/4/13

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