floraljeans floraljeans2Jacket: Old/secondhand/Tshirt: Olive Clothing/Floral Jeans: Ecugo/Loafers: Office/ebay

I’m having a jeans renaissance at the moment. The look of a bare ankle and flat shoe is all too appealing for me at the moment to ignore after months of covering every inch for fear of unseasonable snow or gale force winds.

I was looking over lookbook at outfits of mine from this time one year and two years ago:

1214178_newl2 1178500_mmc2
It’s a little depressing how much warmer it must have been to make those outfits viable. I was reminiscing over a Tennis gig I went to last May, and although it was almost a year ago it was a swelteringly hot day. I’m going to a Johnny Foreigner gig at the end of April and I’d be very surprised if I could say the same about it.

Oh well, here’s hoping for a hot summer to make up for it.



111 222Jumper: Sheinside/Shirt: Sheinside/Skirt: Topshop/Loafers: Office/ebay

I hate hashtags.
Every time I go onto lookbook and see the abuse of hashtags now that they’ve brought in this pointless hashtag system I cry internally. I can just about tolerate them when used correctly on twitter but the more I see them filtering into every last facet of internet life the more I find myself growing to absolutely despise them.
Just wanted to get that out there.
Now that spring seems to have possibly maybe finally hit (it was sunny today at least) I suddenly can’t be bothered with spring appropriate clothing. This was the best I could muster. I’ve been slipping into a uniform of oversized tops/jumpers plus skinny jeaned chicken legs recently when I’m not working which isn’t the most spring celebratory combination but it does give the opportunity to sport some fancy footwear which I’ve been dutifully documenting on instagram whenever bored.

shoes2 shoes

Called the outfit if we’re gonna hang out won’t you show me how yr life works on lookbook, which comes from a new Johnny Foreigner song called Free Starts.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_E4bf_HhsgI’ve been listening to it so much recently, I’m in love with it. Expect a few more looks to come with lyrics from it.



shirtscarfScarf: Vintage/Shirt: American Apparel/Skirt: H&M/Boots: Vintage/ebay/Bag: Primark

Sometimes I cringe when I look up old lookbook photos and see myself wearing a flower crown and a high-low dress, or when I think of the fact my most hyped look included a black triangle necklace and a galaxy print skirt. I’m beginning to find myself growing more averse to (or perhaps more aware of) transient trends that will cause nothing but wrinkled noses in a year. The issue I have is that where I’m in the privileged position of having access to free clothing quite regularly I can sometimes find myself seduced by items that wouldn’t be useful in the long run, but have a flashy newness to them (I’m talking high-low skirts/tulle maxi skirts and anything that had a galaxy on it) and then I instantly regret picking them. I find it easier to be objective when it’s items I’m purchasing myself. The eye gets carried away when there’s no monetary repercussion.
Sometimes I wish every outfit could be like this. Simple, not too flashy and not riddled with pieces acquired on a whim. It’s not so much an issue of trying to refine my tastes, but instead reign in my tastes and not allow myself seduction from items that are too “now” with little long term application.



Hat: Romwe/Jacket: Old(I think from a charity chop)/Jumper: Vintage/
Loafers: Ebay/Scarf: Vintage

As soon as I put this outfit on it felt right. I enjoy it when that happens. Bit of a Mary Poppins feat of engineering fitting the jumper under the jacket though.
Watched a documentary last night called High Art of the Low Countries (that is still on BBC iPlayer so if you’re in the UK get on and watch it quick) and it reminded me how much I love Flemish medieval art. Sadly it quickly moved on past tapestries and illuminated manuscripts, but I think the lingering mental images of woven artworks somewhat pushed me into donning an oversized jumper today. Or maybe it was just because huge jumpers are comfortable. But moving on from jumpers and back to HAotLC, watch it and watch it now. Plenty on Jan Van Eyck on it which is always lovely and some inevitable close ups on giant strawberry/flower-in-bum details from Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.


I hopped onto the speckled nail trend recently, though not with Illamasqua’s £15 offering though, instead with Accessorize’s Leopard Moth which comes in around £12 cheaper. Not quite an egg effect, but not really mothy either. Reminds me more of the inside of a dragon fruit. I like it.

Anyway, as evidenced above, I’ve gotten myself back onto Instagram but my offerings so far are mostly nails, A Knight’s Tale and gratuitous photos of my loafers so follow me if you want, I’m Ashleighef on there.

Called the outfit “Sally Cinnamon” on lookbook, which many of you probably correctly recognise as a Stone Roses song. Growing up with a Mancunian mum meant I often heard The Stone Roses around the house day-to-day and became so ingrained into my idea of background music that sometimes I completely forget I like them.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5bDI_kkBzU The Stone Roses – Sally Cinnamon



Dress: China Doll Boutique, Jewellery: Rings and Tings, Cardigan: H&M

I suppose this is the idealised version of this outfit. In reality many more cardigans and tights were needed to make it work for the unseasonable weather, but a girl can dream.
I feel justified wearing this faintly 1960s inspired ensemble after getting every question in a Pointless round on Andy Warhol correct. I don’t even like Andy Warhol that much. This is my internet tough guy mode, I’m bragging about a full sweep on Pointless.

I often find it amusing how a certain kind of teenage girl on the internet (specifically those from outside the UK) romanticises the BBC and seems to think it is all Sherlock, Merlin and Doctor Who whilst completely oblivious to the fact that the objectively superior BBC programming consists of Pointless, University Challenge, Antiques Roadtrip, Not Going Out or anything off BBC 4 (especially if it contains the wonderful Lucy Worsley or the equally wonderful Janina Ramirez). Coast doesn’t get to be included because I was duped into watching an episode earlier with the title “Invasions” hoping it would star my tv-boyfriend Neil Oliver (he’s not really my tv boyfriend I just love him) and something archeological or viking related. Alas, it did not. Instead it was about water voles and Germans.

I happened across the band Tearjerker recently in my search for an album of the year 2013 – they don’t hold the title not having an album out currently this year but they’re highly enjoyable so I nabbed a title off one of their songs for the title of this on lookbook.
Tearjerker – So Dead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRWukT8masY




I’ve moved over from that dying tumblr to this.
I’ve mentioned before how dissatisfied I was with using tumblr for a more longform blog (although I’m still using it for my “main” blog) so thought I’d give wordpress a go. Maybe things will work better on here and maybe I won’t keep taking sudden months of absences without warning. Then again, I can’t promise anything.
I hope to run this one differently to before, less straight outfit posting more interesting things I’ve seen or thoughts on whatever. Hope is the operative word here, however, and laziness may take over as is usual.